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SoundinMorph records is an internet-based music label, specialized in releasing psychedelic-electronic and chill-out music. The label was founded in January 2020, and the debut album release "2020 Project" is now scheduled for release in April and will be accessible on major online music distribution platforms.

We serve our clients through a number of services, including music production, distribution and live show scheduling.

Album Releases

2020 Project

The idea behind this project, which has somehow a similar concept to the duo's recent release “Beyond Tribes”, includes producing music as a way to escape the negative feelings that was felt in reaction to catastrophic incidents and troubles that their compatriots experienced during the past year (during the year 2019). They employ elements from electronic music along with the use of acoustic instruments to achieve an electronic/ chillout sound. Their album “2020 Project” is now scheduled for release in April and will be accessible on major online music distribution platforms namely Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport and SoundCloud.

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سومین آلبوم ما در سال ۲۰۲۰ هم اکنوندر تمامی سایتها و پلتفرمهای جهانی منتشر شد و از طریق پلتفرمهای داخلی (تلگرام-سایت) برای اولین بار بصورت رایگان برای دانلود راحت تره ایرانیان داخل کشور قرار گرفتآلبوم به سبک امبینت نویز هست و هدف از ساخت این آلبوم به اسم کووید ۱۹ در حقیقت ایجاد آرامش و امنیت در این فضای کنونی بود که ما را به سمت تولید این آلبوم سوق داد تا با شنیدن این آلبوم مدتی را برای تمرکز و آرامش زمان را متوقف سازیم و سکوتی عمیق در اوج سر و صداها بیابیم

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Ali Sasha and Zhoobin

Momammad A. Kafashan a.k.a Ali Sasha (b. 1986), is a composer, arranger and DJ , he also has experiences for the music stage throughout the past decade, Zhoobin Askarieh (b. 1973) is a player of native instruments, percussion instruments and most notably the Yidaki (Didgeridoo). He started making music in 1999 and the idea of forming Pildam (which means someone with a vast breath) came to his mind while he was founding their music group “Pildam”, together with his wife, Rima Hassanzadeh in 2005. The duo have collaborated for a number of singles and a studio album, mostly released on a ‘Noise a Noise’ an independent community and label for experimental music; they have also performed live in a number of medium music venues in 2019.

Ali and Zhoobin consider their sole reason for the production of their two recent albums as a way of getting rid of the negative vibes that were all due to the series of catastrophic incidents that happened during the last year's time-span. They refer to the natural or artificial catastrophes that ignited the feelings of fear, anger, stress, happiness, and sadness and how they find the music as a way of escaping these feelings. The consequences of those incidents have led to certain changes in the mind and subconscious of people across the globe, and they can be traced in the works of a considerable number of artists. After becoming free from those feelings to some extent, they started to publish their works.

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